The world of Social Media has completely exploded - it's hard to imagine that five or six years ago, no one had even heard of Facebook, and only birds tweeted.

Today, your presence in the social media is a critial addition to your corporate website. Social Media is such a massive platform - the reality is that your company will be in the social media whether you want it there or not - Social Media is the new Word of Mouth. Create a presence in the Social Media to give your customers a place to speak directly to you, rather than about you behind your back. This is especially critical for your unhappy customers... turning an unhappy customer into a brand evangelist is often a matter of how well you can communicate with them in the Social Media.


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Mgongo 2012 Website

One Part Scissors recently revamped the web presence of the Mgongo TV show. The new look-and-feel was inspired by the show's new visuals, and features bold 'slab-style' headings that dynamically reflow to turn the headings into a visual element in-and-of themselves.

ST LEGER & VINEY Annual Sale Campaign

ST LEGER & VINEY's Annual Fabric sale is a major event in the ST LEGER & VINEY calendar, and OPS has been working with ST LEGER to ensure the message of the sale is communicated effectively to their customers. The theme of the sale has something of a vintage circus vibe. The campaign covered several bases ranging from newspaper adverts and social media, to flyers and an email campaign.

SBS Facebook Check-in App

Following the revamp of the Southern Business School website earlier this year, One Part Scissors created a Facebook App for the school that allows students at the school to 'check-in' and broadcast to their friends and colleagues what they are studying at Southern Business School.

Travel Emporium Tumblr Site

One Part Scissors recently created a Tumblr website for The Travel Emporium. The theme is very versatile in that it allows The Travel Emporium to quickly and easily change the colour scheme as well as the background image of the site, and making use of the Tumblr blogging platform means that adding content is exceptionally easy.

Andrew Brough Social Media

One Part Scissors recently designed a number of elements to unify Andrew Brough Communication's online presence in the social media, to further strengthen the brand. This involved creating a branded Twitter profile, setting up a Tumblr blog, and providing complete links from the corporate website.

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Although we ensure the websites we build for our clients are compatible with all browsers, we like to push the envelope on our own website. So we've made the decision to make use of a design that looks amazing in all browsers... except Internet Explorer. If you're still using IE, you need to change - the web has moved on from Internet Explorer, and you will get a safer, faster, and more enjoyable experience out of the Internet if you use anything other than IE. Have a look at to choose a new browser. We recommend Google Chrome and Firefox.

(PS: Microsoft is working on a new web browser, and we're all holding thumbs that it will follow the web standards and display the web like everyone else does... correctly.)