Logo design is absolutely critical - it is your company's face, and the first and most basic handle people have to relate to your brand.

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To Di For

To Di For
To Di For wanted a classic, sophisticated identity, that allowed room for growth and branching out.
This desire was translated to the brand through use of font and space around the identity elements.


The AIRCURE logo One Part Scissors designed is bold, confident, and masculine. It features a large fan icon that is memorable, simple, and interesting.


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a t t r a c t
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Although we ensure the websites we build for our clients are compatible with all browsers, we like to push the envelope on our own website. So we've made the decision to make use of a design that looks amazing in all browsers... except Internet Explorer. If you're still using IE, you need to change - the web has moved on from Internet Explorer, and you will get a safer, faster, and more enjoyable experience out of the Internet if you use anything other than IE. Have a look at BrowseHappy.com to choose a new browser. We recommend Google Chrome and Firefox.

(PS: Microsoft is working on a new web browser, and we're all holding thumbs that it will follow the web standards and display the web like everyone else does... correctly.)