Your brand needs to be placed in a position where your potential customers can see it. Whether that is through highly trackable and effective Google Advertising and email marketing, to advertising in the traditional print media and television - your brand must be communicated for people to find it.

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OSRAM Night Breaker Plus TV Commercial

One Part Scissors is thrilled to announce the completion of its very first TV Advertising Project!

OPS developed the television advert to support the launch of the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER® PLUS automotive lamp in South Africa.

The advert makes use of video material from OSRAM Germany, paired with a script developed by OPS and performed by South African voice-over artist Anton Schmitt.

New OSRAM Advertising

OSRAM has refreshed their global corporate identity with a clean, modern new look, and One Part Scissors has created the first few adverts using the new style.

Below are the three latest OSRAM adverts...


AMEU Proceedings Magazine, November 2013


Lighting in Design, November 2013

ST LEGER & VINEY Annual Sale Campaign

ST LEGER & VINEY's Annual Fabric sale is a major event in the ST LEGER & VINEY calendar, and OPS has been working with ST LEGER to ensure the message of the sale is communicated effectively to their customers. The theme of the sale has something of a vintage circus vibe. The campaign covered several bases ranging from newspaper adverts and social media, to flyers and an email campaign.

AIRCURE "Boardroom" Campaign

AIRCURE creates innovative solutions for air filtration. A major part of their client base is the mining industry, and clean air is a major issue for the mines. This new range of adverts brings attention to the fact that a lack of clean air is already a problem underground for the workers, but left unchecked, the problem will find its way into the boardroom by way of costly Health and Safety shut-downs and even legal action by affected workers.

Ligne Roset Email Advert

OPS recently created an email promotion for their new product range. The announcement makes mention that 'the paint has just dried in our improved showroom', and later on, urges the reader to 'fall for a new favourite colour this year', so we designed an email that makes use of vibrant colourful paint splashes to attract attention.


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