Bryanston Bible Church 2015 Website Refresh

Bryanston Bible Church updates their website theme annually. For the 2015 refresh, One Part Scissors has created a website theme that makes use of expansive, immersive images that convey the personality of the church, along with modern, current treatment of text and layout.

The pages are minimal and focussed, while still remaining image rich and engaging.

The use of full-screen background images that represent the content on each page or section allows each page to take on its own personality, and flexibility on the editing side allows BBC to add key graphics and background images for any piece of content on the site.

This allows for a site that is dynamic, interesting, and engaging.

For this 2015 refresh, we put a lot of thought into future-proofing the website's content, and making the content more portable, so that as the site continues to evolve, the content will be up to the challenge. This involves making sure image sizes are saved as larger than needed (while still scaling down for speed and today's computer screen sizes), but ensuring that as device's screen continue to increase in quality, the content on the BBC site will not look worse and worse as it ages.

With the emergence of High quality Retina displays, it is becoming more important to make sure your content will still be presentable in 2 years time... an image that is big on your screen today - will be a blurry postage stamp in a few years time.

This year, we have also made wider use of speed enhancing techniques and modules to make the experience of browsing the site faster and better for visitors.
This also has the added benefit of helping the site's search rankings, as Google does take site load time into account, as well as mobile-friendliness (which is why the new site is also fully responsive).

Visit the BBC website now to see the 2015 site refresh.

The homepage has an engaging large image and a welcoming message

The menu is tucked away on the right behind a familiar menu icon. This technique works as well on desktop computers as mobiles, and allows the content to shine and not be intruded upon by menu links.

Website sections are presented with images to convey the sense of the individual sections. Hovering over these fairly busy blocks makes them a solid colour to focus the user.

The 'Meet the Team' page is a very widely visited page on the BBC site, and in the 2015 version, the images are larger and more engaging.

The resources section is colourful and engaging, and this landing page shows the latest few items in each category.

Podcasts are presented with large, striking visuals.

The 2015 Videos section.

Each section can have a 'key colour' as well as background images and logos, to allow the individual ministries to personalise their space.

The 2015 site's news and events section.

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