Nsika Architects Site Refresh

OPS just published the all-new Drupal website for Nsika Architects.

The new website's focus is to present an image-rich, dynamic experience to showcase the work of Nsika to the visitor.

The website uses a responsive grid system to show images in the largest possible sizes given the space the screen offers. 

Clicking on images provides a full-size view of the images.

The website makes use of a search system to allow visitors to search for categories or topics or other search terms to browse the website in a dynamic and flexible manner.


Visit the new site at nsika.com








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Although we ensure the websites we build for our clients are compatible with all browsers, we like to push the envelope on our own website. So we've made the decision to make use of a design that looks amazing in all browsers... except Internet Explorer. If you're still using IE, you need to change - the web has moved on from Internet Explorer, and you will get a safer, faster, and more enjoyable experience out of the Internet if you use anything other than IE. Have a look at BrowseHappy.com to choose a new browser. We recommend Google Chrome and Firefox.

(PS: Microsoft is working on a new web browser, and we're all holding thumbs that it will follow the web standards and display the web like everyone else does... correctly.)