SBS Facebook Check-in App

Following the revamp of the Southern Business School website earlier this year, One Part Scissors created a Facebook App for the school that allows students at the school to 'check-in' and broadcast to their friends and colleagues what they are studying at Southern Business School. The goal of this is two-fold; for the students, it allows them to let their friends, family, and colleagues know what they are studying, and give them an opportunity to send a word of encouragement by liking the story in the Facebook News Feed, or commenting on it with a message to encourage the student. For the school, this app acts as a viral mechanism for spreading the name of the school through the social media - when a student makes use of the Facebook Check-in app, it adds a news story to their feed and the news feeds of their friends on Facebook, drawing people's attention to the school - with a quick and ready link to the website. This will drive traffic to the website, and ultimately help in marketing the school to new prospective students.

What is a 'Check-in'?

According to Wikipedia,

"Many social networking services, such as Foursquare, Google Latitude, Facebook, Gowalla, and Brightkite allow users to "check in" to a physical place and share their location with their friends. Users can check in to a specific location by text messaging or by using a mobile application on a smartphone--the application will use the phone’s GPS to find the current location. Many applications have a “Places” button or tab where a user can see a list of nearby places into which the user can check in. If a location is not on the nearby places list, the user can add the location directly from the phone. Once a user has checked in, they have the option of sharing their location with friends in services such as Twitter or Facebook"

For the purpose of this app, the student isn't checking in to a physical space, but rather checking in to their course. But the logic is the same, as is the end goal - spreading the message of what they are doing to their friends.

How the SBS Facebook Check-in App works


Step 1: The student visits the website, and when they click the check-in button, they are asked to select the  course they are studying.

Step 2: The Facebook popup appears and requests that the user log into facebook, and confirm the message they would like to post to Facebook.

Step 3: The published story arrives in the student's Facebook News Feed and the News Feeds of their friends.

Step 4: Friends can comment and like the status message.   If you are interested in expanding your presence in the Social Media, or creating a custom Facebook App for you company, email us today - click here. See the Southern Business School Facebook App page here

EDIT: The SBS website is no longer operational.

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